Full automatic welding-robot handles up to 500 kg on each side

Even though JP Industry isn’t a mass producing company, we still manufacture products were the customer will experience a large advantage if they streamline some of the processes. For example when it comes to bigger series of products to the turbine industry. We will then use the latest robot technology, which is always updated with the latest software and maintenance.

Force Technology approves the settings and programming

Before the production can begin the robot needs to be programmed, and the subjects are defined together with specialized engineers. But it is only when Force Technology has approved the settings and the test result that the production will begin. Afterwards, the end result will be checked and approved by Force Technology before it is delivered to our customer.

Your warranty for uniform quality

The large advantage by using robot welding is that the result is uniform when then robot is first programmed. Even though it demands a larger series of uniform subjects to make an advantage from the time used on the programming, it is still the best way of producing uniform subjects. We enjoy the uniform result and the perfect result that our customers demands.