Professional and up to date equipment for stainless steel production

We have all the right equipment – ready for any assignments. With the capacity from small items and up to a weight of 10 metric tons, we handle it all with our special machines such as rollers, welding machines and rondelle scissors.

The crane lifting loads of up to 10 metric tons

The crane in the large production center at JP Industry facility easily handles up to 10 metric tons of heavy items. And with good space around it for processing, loading and unloading, we can handle even large tanks and other items of stainless steel at the same time.

Rollers, rondelle scissors and advanced welding equipment

The devil is hidden in the details. And we find that it is the smallest details that determine if the finished product meet our own and our demanding customers requirements and expectations.

Rollers, rondelle scissors and welding equipment is professional, up to date and well-trimmed to solve demanding tasks. We have advanced equipment available for orbital welding, providing optimal results for piping systems – especially the very smooth inner surface of the weld.

Our round seam welding and longitudinal seam welding machines also ensures a high homogeneity of large objects and especially in the production of large tanks and containers.