We get tested by Force Technology

Force Technology is the perfect match for our quality work. Force uses the most modern and accurate testing methods and procedures.

And just as important: Force is ruthless and will not hesitate for a moment to reject the finished products or processes that does not meet the requirements .

We take our certification very seriously

JP Industry is a supplier of production equipment for process and storage of liquids, powders, gases, and more. Our customers come from industries such as the chemical industry and food industry.
Both industries has very high requirements for the equipment, but we are ready to meet any requirements we are faced with. Our staff is well educated, ambitious and certified to the exact task and processes they work with at JP Industry.

NDT – Non Destructive Testing

Among the many test methods Force uses is the X-ray screening of welds. X-ray is the most effective Non Destructive Testing method and is used on a large scale of finished products at JP Industries.