Credible suppliers and control ensures stainless steel of high quality

Our customers have great demands regarding the products of stainless steel they buy from us. And we are proud to meet those high requirements.

Our production facilities and staff are the best, as is of course the raw materials we use in production

We achieve this by selecting the best suppliers and by a thorough incoming inspection of both raw materials and semi-finished products, such as pressure caps for pressure vessels.

Consistent quality

It is important that the materials are exactly the same from batch to batch. Just a small difference in the raw material can result in big variations in the quality of our products.

Therefore, we follow a “walk throw” list when we do the control of newly delivered raw materials. In addition, our collaboration with Force Technology makes sure that nothing is forgotten and the raw material are checked more the once – minimizing mistakes.

Tracking the process from raw material to finished product

One element of our work to ensure quality, is that we track all of our raw materials from when they are being delivered at JP Industry – to they leave our facilities to solve important tasks for our clients.