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Quality products for industrial purposes

Our trademark is quality. We manufacture stainless steel products to the industry and provide for the most demanding industries such as the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.
The products we make are the result of a targeted effort to provide the best possible quality.

We use standard components as it provides the best possible solution, and also collaborates with engineers and other specialists to develop exactly the equipment that the customer needs.
All our products are designed and manufactured for their exact purpose. And our collaboration with engineers as well as Force Technology ensures that we meet the strict quality standards.

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From quality raw materials to quality stainless steel equipment

At JP Industry the quality work starts when we choose materials, tools and other production equipments.
All employees are trained and certified for the tasks and processes they perform, and therefore it is very rare that the comprehensive quality checks will find anything to comment on.

We are licensed and certified to work for the most demanding industries and our stainless steel vessels meets strict requirements for storage and processing of food products, processes under high pressure, etc.