Custom made process equipment

We manufacture process equipment made of stainless steel too many different industries – among them some of the most demanding industries such as the food and pharmaceutical industry. These are industries that have a high expectation regarding both quality and design.

JP Industry cooperates with specialized engineers that outline the purpose and context in which the process equipment have to function. Together we will find the optimal solution for the task and solve the challenges that might come up in the process.

Custom made for the assigned task

When the finish process equipment leaves our modern facilities at Marsvej in Kolding, it is fully prepared to solve its future tasks. All the components are installed and the equipment are ready for use after the installation.

Documented quality

JP Industry’s close cooperation with Force Technology ensures that the process equipment meets the highest standards, as well as it ensures that both the process equipment and employees are certified and fit for the job.

Process equipment of stainless steel – for many purposes.

We develop and manufacture process equipment for a wide variety of tasks for our customers, in many different industries. The process equipment has different tasks in the industries such as mixing, general production and storage.