Stainless steel tanks – from small process tanks to silo tanks

The production facilities at JP Industry is focused around an efficient production. Our location was built in 2012 especially for the production of stainless steel equipment and our machinery is new and modern. This enables us to maintain all processes at our own facility.

The well sized production hall also makes us able to handle several orders at a time and it means that we can manufacture anything from small vessels to bigger silo vessels without problems.

Custom-made especially for the task

JP Industry are an order producing company. We produce and adapt the product for the task in which our costumer needs the product to solve.

We also have great experience in developing and custom making vessels. We are experts in manufacturing small or larger solutions in collaboration with engineers and developers from others companies.

All vessels, from JP Industry, is fully equipped, with connecting pipes, measuring instruments and so on, before its leaves our location.

Stainless steel tanks and containers for all kind of use

We develop and produce stainless steel containers for both the chemical industry, food industry and a variety of other purposes. The starting point is always that the tank must be 100% fit for the task at hand.

We produce, of course, pressurized tanks that comply with all EU standards and certifications.