Modern productions facilities handles most tasks with stainless steel

We expect your high expectations. We are ready to assist our customers with our expertise in design and function innovation. Our employees are trained and certified in all processes necessary to produce various industry equipment of stainless steel.

Canals and filter units

At JP Industry we are always ready with a helping hand in the development of a new elements. Maybe you would like to establish air canals or regular canals for transportation of powder or liquid. We produce canals with a diameter from Ø 200 up to Ø 3000 mm. With each need comes new demands – but we are prepared to full fill them.

Turbine components of stainless steel

The turbine industry have high expectations for each component in the turbines  – and this makes our strong and close cooperation with Force Technology an advantage. JP Industry deliver custom made components for turbines and they are all quality checked in cooperation with Force Technology whom makes a Non Destructive Tests (NDT), were the welding go throw a x-ray test.

Filter Cyclones and drying installation

Among the products that we frequently produce are filter cyclones and drying installations, which typically are customized versions of products that we have produced before. This provides an efficient production combined with the solution that it fits perfect into the customers existing installation.